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May 31,2018 0comments

NOC land >:>::::::: Haryana government has approved a new policy for granting no-objection certificates (NOCs) in urban localities falling outside controlled areas. Haryana town and country planning department said that NOCs would be issued only in those cases where there was no violation of the provisions of Haryana development and regulation of urban areas Act 1975, and the land was not a part of any controlled area subject to fulfillment of prescribed norms or parameters.
The draft policy was framed to regularize unauthorized colonies across the state. The decision to regularize such colonies was taken during the monsoon session of the Haryana assembly. As per policy norms, the land, for which NOC is sought, should be located along any metalled road or revenue ‘rasta’ of width (ROW) not less than four ‘karam’ (22 feet). However, such revenue ‘rastas’ and roads may be required to be widened in future to at least six karam (30 feet) by donating one karam wide strip on either side.
The applicant shall transfer one karam wide strip of his land abutting the road in the name of panchayat through indemnity bond before grant of an NOC. In case of medium and large scale industries, warehouses of more than five acres and big institutions like colleges and universities, minimum approach should be through 65-feet-wide revenue ‘rasta’ or metalled road having a minimum of 10 metres right of way.
The applicant or the owner of the land shall submit an undertaking or affidavit to the effect that in case the land, for which NOC is sought, is acquired by any government agency for widening of road or ‘rasta’ in future, he shall not object to the acquisition proceedings.